The Art of AngularJS in 2015 Angular Summit 2015

In this talk Steve will discuss the future of building real mobile applications using web technologies, and the alternate idea « Learn Once, Write Everywhere ». You will hear about react-native, UX, Phonegap, Titanium,, and the future of mobile web applications. Lukas and Geoff talked about how developers don’t need anyone’s permission to be awesome, or to build awesome things.

angular conferences 2015

And there is no need to learn a new syntax, as AtScript was no more. The benefits AtScript was providing will now be available in the next version of TypeScript. However, Typescript isn’t a requirement, so devs can continue to write ES5 and ES6 JavaScript. Jerry Kurata is a consultant specializing in full stack web, data science, and IoT. Sara is a Developer Advocate and realtime aficionado on the Firebase team at Google.

Then you could be sharing a stage with the best innovators of Angular community and all other amazing people. We seek contributions that illustrate the different approaches and concepts, and we will do whatever we can to help you succeed in your journey. We are always looking for companies, organizations and people who are engaged in the community and want to help us to create an awesome and welcoming event. Michał is a digital marketing veteran with a growth hacking mindset and 10+ years of experience. His goal is building high-quality technological content, with particular emphasis on React and Ruby on Rails.

Their message was to just go make stuff, don’t wait until you “know enough”. Geoff related his experience building Plnkr, a tool for creating, collaborating on and sharing web development ideas, starting with no knowledge of programming. Igor shared a real personal talk about mental awareness, meditation and taking care of your mind.

CONNECT.TECH is the largest multiframework frontend conference in the USA.

The event’s goal is to allow all angular developers to meet and share experience while having fun and networking in an enjoyable context. In 2022 sunny Barcelona will be again a meeting place of over 1200 developers from across the world wanting to get knowledge from world-class JavaScript experts. It will be another awesome conference where people will not only listen to lectures but also exchange ideas, meet, chat, and make new friends. FullStack 2019 conference launches in New York City for its first edition abroad following the success of FullStack London.

angular conferences 2015

All of you have been taught that GOOD code is Object Oriented. Why do you find so difficult to write distributed code? Why should be that hard to move a piece of code from the current machines to another? With this talk will explore what Object Oriented code is good and not good for, and why the… This is unsurprising given the benefits that this type of system architecture promises such as rapid development times and continuous deployment cycles.

JavaScript — Circus freaks and rascals

In this talk Tomasz wants to share with you his experience in designing enterprise financial systems. This is not yet another how do you do BDD in JavaScript talk. This is a talk about how you can apply widespread software design practices such as Design Patterns, BDD, TDD, DDD and SOLID to full-stack development.

This year’s edition (called “Hybrid Edition”) will be conducted as previously – it is possible to participate in the location of the event as well as online. If you are interested in world-class Angular conferences, you have probably heard about NG-Conf that takes place in Salt Lake City . In 2022 the organizers decided to move the conference back to Salt Lake City but also decided to stay in the online zone (called by them « Cyberspace »). Be part a part of the team that makes the conference possible. Tune in live for the keynotes and watch sessions on demand. Join conversations with other developers throughout the conference.

  • It is also worth noting that some of them will be online.
  • Tune in live for the keynotes and watch sessions on demand.
  • Check out Gun, the distributed, embedded, graph database engine, on github for some background on Mark’s journey and experience.
  • More and more engineering teams are adopting JS and it’s tools and libraries to tackle complex software problems.
  • The first levels use Blockly, with routes and concepts getting harder as students progress, and in later levels they move on to Python.
  • Every slot game is slightly different, but delivering new products in a timely manner can prove challenging.

Check out Gun, the distributed, embedded, graph database engine, on github for some background on Mark’s journey and experience. She was a board member for 10 years at Open Source Initiative. Adam took a major role in the NodeJS & AngularJS teams of many companies in Israel and abroad, such as Wix, JFrog, Cellrox, Autodesk, Backand and many more. David Mark will be talking about creating a slide deck presentation system using Bespoke and NW.js, migrating from Keynote using Yosemite JavaScript automation and generating PDF’s. You will discover source-to-source compilation, standard library polyfills, publishing modules written in ES6 to popular package managers and the consumption of those modules by existing ES5 and new ES6 code.

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We create an open, diverse and welcoming conference with fantastic speakers and a warm and friendly environment. Barista coffee and childcare are just a few of the benefits we want to offer. Ng-conf Ski Day tickets are only available to those with an ng-conf (Thursday & Friday) ticket. It includes transportation to and from the resort, a one day ski/snowboard pass to Snowbird, and equipment rentals. JSHeroes is an annual open-source community event taking place in Romania. In 2020 and 2021, due to COVID-19, it was canceled, but we already know that the event will take place in 2022.

A bunch of one-day workshops are planned which can be booked separately from the main event. In contrast to other events of this type, this is not a conference for everyone. According to the organizers, only 1000 exclusive attendees can participate.

He spoke about being mindful and some of the things he does to start mentally strong and avoid burnout while being one of the lead developers for a project like Angular. The world of JavaScript development is evolving rapidly. More Why do Network Engineers need to learn Linux : networking and more engineering teams are adopting JS and it’s tools and libraries to tackle complex software problems. With that in mind, we have created ‘FullStack Tutorials’. A one track, one day event that will help you and you…

After years of using these tools, nothing has really seemed to solve this problem well. Even when applications are built with tools like Phonegap, they never really « feel » right… Do you wish you could take advantage of modern development principles such as static typing, classes, modules, and interfaces in order to build robust and reusable code? TypeScript is a type superset of Javascript that compiles to plain javascript and…

By the end you’ll emerge with an unreasonably strong opinion on what type of pen lid is the funnest. CSP is a technique used in the core.async library of Clojure and in GO with the GO routines that handle the async and parallel processes. Follow us at #fullstackcon to hear all the latest news. Jess is a Staff Engineer at Cypress where she’s building a new generation of fro…

Find out how – and why – the team created an interpreter to parse and execute user-submitted code in the browser, plus how they developed a browser-based game engine for the code to run against. Featured technologies include JavaScript, Blockly, Python, SVG animation. Previously, Wyatt was a C# developer who helped build out Community Server. He has found and reported several security vulnerabilities for various projects.

Debugging applications in Node.js and identifying performance issues can often be problematic. Given the event driven nature of the language, understanding what is happening when the code doesn’t work as expected or doesn’t perform as you’d like can be difficult. In this workshop you will build and deploy an example micro-service system. You will utilize a number of technologies including node.js, Mqtt, docker and InfluxDB. You should gain an understanding of how to construct a development toolchain for micro-service development in a fun and challenging setting.

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He travels the world doing open source evangelism and web standards work. Edward also writes his own code, using Javascript and Meteor as a full-stack development framework. Over the last 13 years Hannes has worked The Most In-Demand Marketing Skills In 2021 Top 5 List on browser games, scalable websites, APIs and web applications. He also lectures at the department of Web-Engineering at the University of Applied Sciences Salzburg, and has a lovely but crazy dog named Gizmo.

  • This talk will explore some of the technologies and techniques that can be used to write, publish and deploy ES6 code today, without having to wait until the engines catch up.
  • This year’s conference is scaled back due to COVID, buy tickets early!
  • Some of the insight for this comes from his ongoing work as a co-founder of Makespace Cambridge, a community engineering workshop/Makerspace partially funded by ARM.
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  • Learn how to write JavaScript for microcontrollers with the Espruino Pico board.

Material Design is Google’s visual language for a unified experience across platforms and device sizes. Material Design Lite is a framework-free, lightweight library of Material Design widgets and styles for the web, which aims to make it easy to develop for multiple screen sizes from the… How far would you have to travel to deliver just one request to a server when you type in their web address? You’ll explore the journey a single request takes from the browser address bar, to the server, and back. You’ll discover just how many services, protocols, and systems are involved in… Open source workshops that teach web software skills.

Dylan Beattie is a consultant, software developer and international keynote speaker. He’s the director of Ursatile, an independent consultancy based in London that specialises in helping organisations bridge the knowledge gap between software development and business strategy. Dylan has been building data-driven web applications since the 1990s; he’s managed teams, taught workshops, and worked on everything from tiny standalone websites to complex distributed systems. He’s a Microsoft MVP, and he regularly speaks at conferences and user groups all over the world.

Want to meet the international JavaScript, Node, and IoT communities and learn and share skills with some of the world’s top experts, hackers and makers? Find out about all the latest FullStack technologies and discover the latest best practices and ideas? React and React-like approaches are reaching more and more areas of development, from native apps to 3D web apps. This talk will use the example of react-three (combining React and the popular WebGL library Three.js) to share why React-ifying your approach can be…