How to Manage Online Board Meetings Benefits

Online Board Meetings Benefits

A virtual board meeting is a great method to save time and energy, as well as money for your nonprofit organization. It allows your members to take part regardless of their schedules for work, quarantine restrictions and travel restrictions. However, it’s important to be aware that virtual meetings can cause problems if they are not handled properly. Following a few easy guidelines will result in a successful online session that includes solid board participation and effective documentation.

Begin by creating a concise, clear agenda. Include your board members in the process of establishing the agenda, and then send them a copy well in advance of the meeting to let them prepare for the discussion. This will keep your board on track and ensure that all subjects are discussed during the meeting.

Be sure to use video conferencing tools in your meetings to ensure that attendees can see one another. It’s more difficult to get people involved when board members aren’t able understand body language or hear each other clearly. Video conferencing is an excellent way to eliminate distractions like pets, children and household activities.

Include all the decisions taken in the meeting and the notes of every person who was involved. The meeting minutes are more helpful to refer to later and ensures that each decision is documented in full. Documenting your decisions incorrectly can lead to confusion or conflicting information later on. Make sure you have a designated person who can take minutes and understands the importance of recording the entire discussion and any decisions in full.