How and Why to Completely Uninstall Remove Drivers in Windows 10

Next, click or tap « Disconnect network drive. » Remove Network Locations Mapped as Drives in Windows 8. The resulting window displays all networked shares your have mapped to your local computer. To remove one, select it from the list and click or tap OK. This will usually update other components of your computer’s operating system, so expect the update to take a long time to complete. If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to fix display and driver issues, you should consider refreshing your PC.

There can be multiple ways in which printer drivers can be updated. Let’s take an exhaustive look at them below. This can be particularly useful when Windows is unable to recognize certain hardware automatically after an update has been released by the manufacturer. Sometimes, it may so happen that Windows installs a generic patch but you may be in need of a specific feature. Thus, it often becomes essential that the correct version of the printer or any other device driver is installed to ensure that the device can function smoothly.

An automatic driver updater is likely your best bet going forward. Look for an entry in the list that’s related to your graphics card. It could be “graphics,” “Standard VGA Controller,” “Intel Graphics,” “AMD Radeon,” “NVIDIA GeForce,” or another brand name. If you like, explore the new options the manufacturer provides in the graphics control panel. To get to it, right-click on the desktop, then find Intel HD Graphic Options, NVIDIA Control Panel, or AMD Radeon Settings. If it didn’t come with an installer, then extract that file from the directory to which you downloaded the file.

Install Nvidia Driver Using the Terminal (Special Use-Cases)

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The ‘Legacy’ option will provide access to display drivers from twenty years ago, which you are unlikely to want for anything other than academic curiosity. The Custom Installation will give you additional options, but these aren’t necessary for the smooth operation of your graphics card. You will also be offered a ‘clean installation‘ option which restores all settings to their defaults and removes any profiles you have created Visit. Third-party driver updater tools scan for malware, virus, and reliability before installing a Nvidia driver.

Can I install AMD drivers on Intel HD graphics?

This opens the NVIDIA uninstall program. Sometimes the hardware’s accompanying software will be listed separately from the drivers. Device Manager allows you to search for Microsoft-approved drivers online, but you should only use Device Manager after using Windows Update to search for driver software. The reason for this is that Windows Update is more likely to find the correct drivers the first time. Wait for updates to download and install.

If you’re experiencing trouble using your HDMI output, you may want to try resetting the HDMI port on Windows 10. To do this, open the Control Panel, click on Hardware and Sound, and then select the Troubleshooting settings. This will open troubleshooting settings for your computer, and you should find several solutions to the problem. The problem could be related to your display driver, which you can fix with the steps outlined below. Before enabling an HDMI port, you need to make sure that your graphics card supports it. If it doesn’t, make sure to turn off your laptop before connecting a new device.

If you love using Flatpak applications, here are a few tips, tools, and tweaks to make your Flatpak experience better and smoother. Linux Mint comes baked in with a Driver Manager which easily lets you choose/install a driver that you need for your hardware using the GUI. Now that you have some familiarity with the terms, let’s see how to go about installing Nvidia drivers on Linux Mint. Most of the time, Linux distributions install the open source Nouveau driver and you can manually enable the proprietary drivers.