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Anyone who an individual can truly feel open and honest in sharing their recovery with is a suitable social support. A new wave of sober social apps, Sober Grid, Clean Fun Network and Sober, are setting out to make the online territory a lot easier for non-drinkers to navigate. These apps also spare you the discomfort of revealing your own addiction struggles in an increasingly transparent digital world. Nauleau’s comes from a family with a technology background, and since a young age he stated he always had an interest in Software. Through struggles in his own life with addiction, his passion was put on hiatus while he dove into his own personal recovery. Having started to live a life of recovery, Nauleau says he found himself back on track in pursuit of his technological talents and began working for a software company. During which time he thought about the exciting new possibilities of bringing the social aspect of recovery to technology.

” You might recognize that you are actually experiencing “the joy of missing out” and that can help you appreciate that you don’t have to be in an environment with alcohol or sober networking think about it all the time—whether in real life or online. I can say that I’ve had little faith in humanity in my past due to experiences and events that I placed myself in.

Here are some tips on what to do if social media is driving you to drink

If they would like to develop a recovery plan and work towards that, the coach will help and stand as they stay on the journey that they choose to try to improve their minute impulses specifically with substance use disorder. Alumni groups promote healthy discussions while continuing to support recovery including looking at building trust in relationships, navigating new social circles and making new friends. Social support can be a group or person an individual feels they can openly communicate about personal experiences. Most of these apps have a fun, welcoming vibe — they are a place to meet people, not be lectured about the dangers of addiction. While swiping on Tinder or « liking » an event on Facebook doesn’t require alcohol, meeting up afterward often does, leaving those who want to socialize sober in the lurch. A new generation of apps like Sober Grid, Clean Fun Network and Sober seeks to change that.

sober social networking

You also agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Vanessa is a Montgomery County native who spends her free time traveling with her daughter and volunteering in the community. Recovery is a chance for a new beginning, and the path will be easier with the help of friends. Behavioral health is crucial to good mental and physical health.


Her primary focus is to provide all clients with a safe, structured environment while coordinating their care. Alexandra understands addiction from both familial and personal standpoints, as she is active in her own recovery. Through her own hard-won experience and deep desire to help others, Alexandra became a certified Peer Support Recovery Coach, Life Coach and actively practices principals learned through the recovery process in her daily life. Alexandra is a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend and has learned the value of recovery and succeeding in whatever she sets her mind to. Her innovative approach as Director of Operations gives her clients a safe and compassionate place at The Freedom Center to begin their recovery journey. Sober Grid is a FREE app that you can download today on your Google Android and/or Apple iOS device. It helps you stay sober no matter where you are in the world.

Draws on different techniques to help individuals recognize thinking and relational patterns, develop problem-solving skills, set goals, and discuss topics and concerns important to the group. A desirable person would be someone who https://ecosoberhouse.com/ may be able to offer trustworthy advice or has relatable experiences. Sometimes when he is traveling, he will just sign on to lend an ear or advice to someone who needs it — even if he knows they will never meet face-to-face.

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This year, he launched the Clean Fun Network, a place where sober people can connect, make plans to meet, and sign up for trips to places like Costa Rica and Yellowstone. It’s something Jimmy Hamm wishes he had back in 1998, when he was trying to give up alcohol while living in New York City. One of the biggest obstacles to getting sober, he said, is the idea that someone’s social life will come to an end. We’re continuously growing our amazing community across the US.

sober social networking